Timetec Hynix DDR3 Desktop Computer RAM Review

Timetec Hynix DDR3 Desktop Computer RAM

Timetec Hynix DDR3 Desktop Computer RAM

UDIMM RAM Running at 1600 MHz (PC3-12800) at 1.5V/1.35V

Priced at the Time of Review on Amazon: $60.00 for 2x 8 GB

Hynix has been at the cutting edge of developing new RAM hardware for some time. They are one of the largest, most established and most known companies in the computer memory space. So you can’t really go wrong with buying it.

At $60 for 16 GB of DDR3 RAM running at 1600 MHz, this is a no brainer for anyone who wants to upgrade their computer on the cheap.

However buying this particular brand while having options like the Corsair Vengeance for only $20, seems like it’s almost a statement. It’s like buying a base level Toyota Yaris, the one that doesn’t include power windows. It says: I’m a completely utilitarian. I really don’t care for the flashy. While I look to get maximum value from my money, I’m experienced enough not to buy something cheap from a no-name brand. I’m going to go with a great, reliable brand and buy the cheapest, most dull option within it. And that’s a pretty good description of Hynix DDR3.

Sure, you could have bought something running at 1333 MHz for less. But if you are even thinking of this model, you’re probably ambitious enough to want the extra power offered by 1600 MHz. And given the prices of RAM in these ranges, it just makes sense to spend the extra on getting Timetec.

It doesn’t have Corsairs lifetime warranty or the flashy aluminum heat dissipation fins that nicer RAM has. But it’ll do just fine for most purposes, it will boost your systems performance considerably especially if moving up from 1333 MHz or less RAM. So it’s a great option.

What we like about Timetec Hynix IC DDR3 Desktop Memory:

  • Great and Reliable Brand
    If there is one thing Hynix can be known for it is reliability. Most chip manufacturers like Kingston or even Corsair are conglomerates which only create chips as part of one of their many businesses. Hynix stands apart in this field. While they are a conglomerate, their commitment to manufacturing and developing microchip technology is unparalleled.

  • Great Value
    With the current prices on Timetec Hynix DDR3 ram chips you get to save 25% to 35% over other major brands that are aimed more at enthusiasts. This is the best option if you just want a faster computer but don’t care too much about the look or guarantee.

What we don’t like about this RAM:

Nothing really. We’d love to see some pretty and heat dissipating aluminum covers/fins on these chips. It would be nice if they offered a guarantee. But really, there’s not much to dislike.


There’s a reason we list this as the #2 recommended DDR3 Desktop RAM Buying Option.

Most people looking for DDR3 RAM memory will see a huge boost in performance by installing the maximum amount of Timetec Hynix IC DDR3 RAM. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to upgrade your computer and make it run better than new.


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