Silicon Power by Hynix IC DDR3 Laptop RAM Review

Hynix Silicon Power DDR3 RAM Review

Silicon Power DDR3 RAM

Hynix SODIMM RAM Running at 1600 MHz (PC3-12800) at 1.35V

Priced at the Time of Review on Amazon: $58.00 for 2x 8 GB

Kiddie gamers will look at the name Hynix with suspicion. It doesn’t have the branding of names like Corsair Vengeance or Kingston HyperX. In fact some of these brands, like HyperX, stopped announcing the manufacturer in an attempt to appear to the ‘cool factor’.

Hynix is a name that rings for true computer enthusiasts. The brand has been manufacturing the cutting edge chips and development process that are unparalleled by other corporations. Only Samsung can claim to be even close to Hynix in the area of crafting that which has never been made.

Even those these units don’t have the fancy Aluminum fins you’d expect on higher end modules, it’s the inside that really shines with Hynix. This relatively slow RAM in terms of frequency has an amazing rating of CL11. This makes it suitable for use in high end equipment like Apple’s iMacs.

The real miracle of these chips is the price. Getting a full 16 GB of RAM for less than the cost of a night in a Motel 6 hotel room or a nice dinner for two… it feels unreal for those of us who once measured RAM in Kb and Mb.

Buying Hynix modules is great because of the stability of the company. This guarantees continued support and a long term perspective in the business. This is not a company that will be going anywhere anytime soon, and if anything were to happen it would most likely be a buyout.

What we love about buying Silicon Power DDR3 SODIMM RAM:

  • Reliable Company Backing the Product
    While there are cheaper RAM options on the market, many are manufactured by relatively fly by night companies. Hynix is a solid company with a solid track record of investing heavily in R&D to build the cutting edge of technology. By buying Silicon Power DDR3 Laptop RAM you will be getting hardware that has consistent support for drivers and updated software.

  • Amazing Value
    It’s hard to imagine a few years ago that in 2020 for $58 you could buy 16 Gb of SODIMM DDR3 RAM with a great latency rating of CL11. Only a few years ago apple would charge hundreds of dollars for such an upgrade on any of their computers. Even today!

  • Proven Compatibility
    Hynix is just one of those brands you can trust. As a leader in the development of computer science, they understand the interplay between hardware and software better than virtually anyone else. This allows them to produce memory modules that are consistently compatible across systems, specs and software configurations.

What we don’t like about this RAM:

  • Limited Online Support
    Hynix is a very high level brand. A company that knows how to take theoretical computer science advancements and produce amazing hardware that has never before been created. This gives them a very high level understanding of the market. Unfortunately expertise doesn’t always drive service and with Hynix this is no exception. It’s hard to blame them though, our #1 pick costs almost twice as much and didn’t have to invest in the R&D that Hynix has.

  • Loss of Premium Features
    Yes, these memory modules cost much less than our #1 Pick. Yes, they have similar though lower performance. But the big loss in stepping down the price ladder is the loss of premium features. Particularly the lack of Aluminum heat fins. We at DDR5 believe these to be more than just a nice, pretty adornment. But, and this is particularly true for gamers, it’s important in keeping a laptop cool and therefore long lasting. Also, the lack of a lifetime warranty is a big disappointment. But given the price differential, it’s easily forgiven.


We named Hynix’s Silicon Power DDR3 Laptop RAM as the #3 choice for users looking for DDR3 SODIMM RAM. This is the perfect unit for someone looking to upgrade their computer on the cheap. If you can afford the premium though, we recommend our #1 option, HyperX DDR3 SODIMM RAM.


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