HyperX DDR3 Laptop RAM Review

HyperX DDR3 SODIMM Laptop RAM Review

Kingston Hyper X DDR3 RAM

SODIMM RAM Running at 2133 MHz (PC3-17000) at 1.35V

Priced at the Time of Review on Amazon: $99.00 for 2x 8 GB

Hyper X DDR3 RAM is one of those brands that just don’t surprise you. It’s a strange situation. Their reputation has become so strong it’s almost like we expected them to come out on top.

These SODIMM DDR3 RAM modules just seem to have it all. They offer the highest frequency rate commercially available on DDR3 Laptop memory at 2133 MHz. These units have the lowest possible voltage within this generation of chips. They have the aluminium heat distribution fins that all computer enthusiasts love to see.

In short, these modules offer everything and the kitchen sink for a mere $99 for 16 GB. So what more can you ask for?

Well, we’d have to delve into the pros and cons of buying HyperX DDR3 RAM.

What we love:

  • Highest Frequency Rating (2133 MHz) without overclocking

    HyperX chips and overclocking go together like tequila and lime. But these chips are super powerful right out the box and you don’t really need to do anything or mess with your laptops XMP settings. Sure, you could do that and we’ve heard of people achieving 2666 MHz with stable temperatures.

    But why risk it? Even if these memory modules come with a lifetime warranty. Of course, we also completely understand those who want to push technology to it’s limit. There’s something magical about getting everything just right, to bring your system to the brink of maximum performance and pull back just before it goes into overheating territory.

  • Lifetime Warranty with Tech Support
    This is where Kingston’s HyperX DDR3 RAM really shines. No matter what, you are backed by Kingston’s generous lifetime guarantee. These chips are made to last and unlike some other companies, Kingston really stands behind their product.

    If at any time in the future you have issues, they will provide you with FREE technical support. And their forums are so filled with happy contributors you probably won’t even have to go that far to get an answer; most answers are already on the internet with a quick Google search.

  • Excellent Value
    Sure you could buy Corsair RAM that comes stock at 3200 MHz, but that costs way more and has a bunch of limitations of it’s own. At $80 for 16GB you are getting the best deal on the market as of the time of this review. We personally tend to like Corsair and G.Skills for offering lifetime warranties, but overall very few people actually use such a warranty.

  • Compatibility Assured
    Another thing we love about these memory modules is how commonly they are used by enthusiasts. This means most of the common issues that could come up with drivers and updates will have already been experienced by some other user. Some say there’s safety in numbers and with technical support, this is more true than ever.

What we don’t like about this RAM:

Nothing really. The only thing that’s a downside is the price. These units cost almost twice as much as our 3rd best rated DDR3 SODIMM ram. So if you want to save some money without sacrificing too much in performance, look at our guide to find out the other top options we recommend.


We named HyperX DDR3 Laptop RAM as the #1 choice for users looking for SODIMM RAM. This is because this unit is the best high end unit at the lowest price within the high end unit options. But any of the 3 DDR3 RAM options we have listed on our RAM buying guide will ensure your laptop runs faster and smoother than it does now.


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