G. Skill Ripjaws DDR4 SODIMM RAM Review

G Skill Ripsaw DDR4 SODIMM RAM Review for AMD and Ryzen Laptops

GSkills Ripsaws DDR4 Laptop RAM Review

SODIMM RAM Running at 32000 MHz (PC4-25600) at 1.2V
(factory setting of 2666 MHz at 1.35V)

Priced at the Time of Review on Amazon: $63.00 for 2x 8 GB

I’ve always felt like G. Skill Ripjaws were slightly lower than Corsair or Kingston. Like they always tried to be as good but just never made it. And yet here I am ranking them above Corsairs Vengeance memory modules. How did we get here?

Well first of all the DDR4 SODIMM RAM market is as competitive as computer memory has ever been. There’s more brands offering more products at lower margins than ever before. This is in part due to the financial and business environment we are in. We’ve had an effective 0% interest rate which has driven down the need to provide a return on capital for big corporations.

But it’s also indicative of a shift in industry. More people than ever have ditched the desktop in favor of laptops or even tablets! Some people would attribute this to a greater prevalence of cell phones which has lead a trend in mobile first computing.

But that doesn’t remove the most obvious point: That modern portable computers are so powerful that they can satisfy most users, even on the lower end. And this little gem of modern computing hardware is proof of that. 16 Gigabytes of the highest quality RAM, with heat dissipation fins for $63 with free shipping. Or about 2 hours worth of work for the average American office worker. Simply, an amazing feat of modern engineering.

So how did GSkill Ripjaws DDR4 LAPTOP RAM become our #2 most recommended unit?

What we like about Ripjaws DDR4 Laptop RAM:

  • Amazing Value
    While you could pay more for our #1 pick for DDR4 computer RAM, the value you get with G.Skills is unparalleled. At $63 for 16 GB, it’s simply incomparable. Overall within DDR4 SODIMM RAM some memory units can be overclocked to reach speeds of 4000 MHz, but you’ll be paying several hundred dollars per stick. And really, for most equipment within the range of needing new RAM, it’s unlikely this would be the most cost effective component to upgrade.

  • Quality Through and Through
    One thing I’ve always loved about G Skills is how un pretentious their brand seems to be. While some of the bigger players in the field love to put in many colors and bells and whistles to accommodate users who care about such things, G. Skills always felt true to an enthusiast brand. Their design might not be as great, but they have things like CL19 memory timings (19-19-19-43) – Allowing you to get that slight edge over other memory units rated slightly less.

  • Lifetime Warranty without Limitations (or at least too many)
    One thing G Skills has always stood out for as a brand it is for amazing service and a customer friendly approach. Even Corsair’s wonderful and famous warranty isn’t as comprehensive and easy as G Skills providers for their premium lines such as the Ripsaws.

What we don’t like about this RAM:

We’re not terribly wild about the information available on forums for overclocking these memory units on different configurations. Yes, G.Skills does have a big following and overall you will likely find the support you need. But it’ll just be harder than if you were buying a set of Corsair memory units.

We’d also really appreciate if they put a little more effort into the design. The current color scheme printed on their units doesn’t match well with the interior of most laptops. Sure, not everyone cares about such things, but those of us who do find the current design… lacking.


Overall though, if you aren’t planning on over clocking your chip, then this is probably a better pick than our #1 Ballistix option. Also, if you aren’t too interested in the support forums that come with our #3 Corsair Vengeance option, then again, you have an easy choice with the great but cheap G Skill Ripsaw DDR4 Laptop Memory.


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