G SKILL Ripjaws DDR3 Laptop RAM Review

G Skill Ripsaws DDR3 RAM Review - SODIMM Memory for Laptops

G. Skill Ripjaws DDR3 RAM

SODIMM RAM Running at 1600 MHz (PC3-12800) at 1.35V

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Priced at the Time of Review on Amazon: $70.00 for 2x 8 GB

When buying DDR3 SODIMM RAM, most computer enthusiasts will opt for either Kingston’s HyperX line or Corsair’s Vengeance line. Both of these have become standard in the industry and their popularity and pricing reflect this.

G.Skill was always a good computer parts company, but they never really shined and were always considered a little bit second rate. Which is why G Skill came out with their Ripjaws line. 

This completely changed the game. Now HyperX and Vengeance memory modules had someone to give them a run for their money. And boy did Ripjaws hit that market point. They are consistently 30-40% less than their bigger and more established competitors. Yet they offer much the same.

In this case, G. Skill Ripjaws DDR3 Laptop memory was our #2. We believe for most of our more hard core users, the value given by spending an extra 40% on Corsair is there.

But this is an excellent option for those who don’t mind sacrificing a slight bit of performance in exchange for significant savings.

What we love about GSkill Ripjaws DDR3 SODIMM RAM:


  • Quality Build with Aluminum Fins

    G Skill’s Ripsaws have the same solid feel that Vengeance and HyperX have. They use beautifully crafted aluminum heat dispersing fins to ensure your laptop stays cool even under the greatest pressure and performance.

  • Lifetime Warranty
    Most RAM doesn’t come with much of a warranty. You really need to go to the most expensive options such as a Vengeance or HyperX module to ge that. But G.Skills gives you the full lifetime warranty without the premium price. Yes. If you want to over clock it you should probably choose the HyperX DDR3 Laptop RAM option instead. Likewise if you plan on doing anything that might require serious tech support.

    But for the price, the fact that these units are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product, it really adds credibility to the solid construction and the trust G Skill has in it’s products.

    This is where Kingston’s HyperX DDR3 RAM really shines. No matter what, you are backed by Kingston’s generous lifetime guarantee. These chips are made to last and unlike some other companies, Kingston really stands behind their product.

    If at any time in the future you have issues, they will provide you with FREE technical support. And their forums are so filled with happy contributors you probably won’t even have to go that far to get an answer; most answers are already on the internet with a quick Google search.

  • Excellent Value
    We find buying G.Skill Ripsaw DDR3 SODIMM RAM at the current price to be the perfect balance between price and performance. If you really want to save, at $58 the Silicon Power DDR3 chips are a great option, our #3 pick for buying DDR3 Laptop RAM.

    If you really want performance, the Kingston HyperX DDR3 memory modules are the best, but they come in at a hefty $100 price tag. We think the extra $12 you’ll spend on the Ripsaws is really worth it. You get the aluminum heat fins and a lifetime warranty for not too much extra.


What we don’t like about this RAM:

  • Limited Online Support
    G.Skill Ripsaws are popular enough that you will find many answers on online forums. But compared to the Kingston HyperX, there’s no real comparison. First of all Kingston offers their famous online support as part of your lifetime warranty. But the bigger point is the number of users who are actively participating and pushing their memory modules to the limit. Of course this is compensated by the lower price of the G Skill units.


  • Overclocking Needed to Achive 2133 MHz
    Yes, you can overclock these units to achieve 2133 MHz, but if you spend about 30% more this will happen automatically with our #1 recommended HyperX DDR3 SODIMM units.


 We named Ripsaw’s DDR3 Laptop RAM as the #2 choice for users looking for SODIMM RAM. This is because this unit is a perfect compromise between a high end and lower end option. But any of the 3 DDR3 RAM options we have listed on our RAM buying guide will ensure your laptop runs faster and smoother than it does now.


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