DDR5 RAM Price – How Much Will it Cost and When is it Available?

DDR5 Price

DDR5 is Out!

Now that both Samsung and Hynix have anounced working memory modules, the next logical question is, how much does DDR5 cost?

Still to Early to Tell, But We Can Estimate

Since there aren’t any motherboards or CPUs that are compatible with JEDEC’s new memory standard, it’s not possible to give an exact answer as to how much DDR5 RAM costs.

However, a wise man once that you can’t know the future, but you can look back on the past, the decisions that were made and from there get an understanding of what the future holds.

On that, note, we can look back at the release of DDR4 to get a better picture.

Initial Pricing of DDR4

When the first DDR4 SO DIMM memory modules came on sale, the price of 16 GB of RAM on two 8GB modules hovered around $220.

Inflation has been pretty constant and given the fact that DDR4 came out several years ago, we estimate the first modules will come in at about $250~ for a 16GB single memory module.


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