Corsair Vengeance DDR4 Desktop RAM Review

Corsair Vengeance DDR4 Desktop RAM Review

Vengeance DDR4 Desktop RAM

Corsair UDIMM RAM Running at 3600 MHz (PC4-28800) at 1.35V

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Priced at the Time of Review on Amazon: $75.00 for 2x 8 GB

Corsair Vengeance is normally the gold standard when it comes to premium RAM that’s easily overclocked. And with this new line, Corsair seems to be offering more than ever for less.

But does that really work out in real life?

Yes and no. The first thing we need to think of is the brand, price, warranty and prevalence. These units seem to have it all. They are from the most popular brand of overclocked RAM. So we know the company is solid and therefore the lifetime warranty is something you can really count on. But then it seems Corsair in lowering their prices has reduced their service department, making counting on that lifetime warranty come with the price of having to hassle with them.

The memory unit itself, while well constructed, doesn’t feel as hefty as some of the older units of Corsair Vengeance we’ve had. We’ve also heard of quality control issues with Corsair Vengeance DDR4 for Desktops. It’s almost as if their quality has gone slightly down.

Having said all this, these are still some really great RAM units. The price is unbelievable and the speed and power they will give most computers is pretty much impossible to beat for the price. The value you are getting by buying Vengeance DDR4 is huge!

For most users with a new computer, even maintaining the same number of RAM gigabytes, they will see a huge improvement from say, RAM running at 3000 MHz to these units running at 3600 MHz.

And to be honest, the lower quality control they had with these issues really just means running a Windows Memory Diagnostic tool (just type those words into the windows start search box) – If the unit is good it will pass the test and if not you can return to amazon and get a new unit.

We do warn users that some older desktops will default to under clocking these memory units at 2133 MHz, so be careful to check at what speed it is running if you don’t normally do overclocking.

What we love about buying Corsair Vengeance DDR4 UDIMM RAM:


  • The Corsair Advantage
    One of the best things about buying Vengeance DDR4 RAM is the popularity of these units. Since it’s by far the most common form of RAM purchased now, there’s tons of information on their forums. Pretty much every possible desktop set up has been attempted with these units. If there’s something unexpected, it’s likely someone else already experienced it and even solved it.
  • Stock 3600 MHz
    Some units we found advertising that they run at 3600 MHz will require the user to edit XMP settings in order to achieve it. But not with Corsair. You get 3600 MHz right off the bat. Unless you are running an older system that might under clock these units to 2133 MHz.
  • Solid Company Offering a Lifetime Warranty
    Our #3 pick also offers lifetime warranty. But those are only as good as the company backing it. Manufacturers come and go. But not Corsair. They are one of the most respected names in the industry and their warranty is solid. The only real issue is their service. Lately there’s been rumors that they aren’t answering emails or getting resolutions as fast as they should.
  • Established Overclocking Ability
    Few pieces of computer hardware have experienced as much tinkering as Vengeance DDR4 units. Hundreds of thousands of gamers, developers and designers have pushed these chips consistently to the little and even past it. 


What we don’t like about this RAM:

  •  Some Systems Under Clock These Units by Default
    Most modern systems will automatically clock these units to the 3600 MHz frequency they were designed for. But some systems seem to default to 2133 MHz. So you’ll really need to verify the frequency your desktop is running these memory units at.
  • Quality Control Issues
    It might be simply a case where our expectations were set too high. Corsair is known for being hyper reliable. But we’ve had enough complaints about Vengeance DDR4 RAM being defective sometimes to issue a warning. It shouldn’t be a big deal, you can always just run a windows diagnostic. But we do believe in disclosing this issue.
  • Reports of RAM Not Working Well with 4 Units
    Some people have purchased this RAM where it worked when 2 memory units were connected, but not 4. It’s probably an  unusual issue with some types of systems, but again, best to be disclosed.


We believe buying Vengeance DDR4 desktop RAM is the #1 option for serious computer enthusiasts who want to edit XMP settings and experiment. If you don’t, we’d recommend you save $20-30 and buy ADATA XPG DDR4 RAM


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