ADATA XPG DDR4 Desktop RAM Review

ADATA XPG Z1 DDR4 Desktop RAM Review

XPG DDR4 Desktop RAM

ADATA UDIMM RAM Running at 3000 MHz (PC4-24000) at 1.35V

Priced at the Time of Review on Amazon: $55.00 for 2x 8 GB

When we first found these units we just couldn’t believe the value being offered. The cheapest 2x 8 GB of DDR4 RAM cost $48. Some knock off brand with no heat fins, warranty or even decent specs.

Yet for $7 more you get ADATA manufactured premium DDR4 RAM. And it comes with a lifetime warranty from a company as cool as ADATA.

ADATA Technology Co. is a Taiwanese based industrial manufacturer specializing in making high end computer memory and chips. Even though the name isn’t as well known as Corsair, Kingston or G Skill, they are currently ranked the second largest computer memory manufacturer in the world and they actually supply parts to many other DDR4 RAM brands.

Given the price and competition in the market, we expected that since these units are so affordable, surely there would be issues of reliability or compatibility. But that’s not the case either. With XPG DDR4 Desktop RAM it seems you get it all without having to compromise.

Another really cool thing about this brand is that they offer 3 colors; red, green and black. Allowing enthusiasts to pick their color based on their desktop build.

We were blown away by how hefty these units are. They are even heavier and more solid than Corsair’s Vengeance! It seems the manufacturer poured 4 oz of copper into these sticks to ensure maximum heat dissipation. It’s amazing how much went into the manufacturing of these units.

Best of all, these units support XMP 2.0 for fast overclocking options. And from our testing, the units overclock without overheating. Again, we’re just blown away by the value you get here.

What we love about buying ADATA XPG Z1 DDR4 UDIMM RAM:

  • Best Value of Any Hardware, Ever
    Over the years I’ve written hundreds of technology reviews. And I’ve used the phrase, ‘great value’ many times. Particularly because I like to review hardware that does offer great value. It’s always easy to spend through the nose to get the cutting edge. But it’s so much more challenging and fun to get 80% of that for 20% the cost. But buying XPG DDR4 RAM is the single best value of any piece of computer hardware I’ve seen, ever.

  • Amazing Construction
    Most premium RAM has a lot put into the construction. Aluminum fins are standard. But this is not the price range of Premium ram. And yet not only do you get the aluminum heat fins, but you get over 4 oz of copper put into 10 layers of construction. The result is a hefty, powerful and long lasting product that looks as amazing as it feels.

  • No XMP Editing Needed
    We’ve yet to read any reports by users that these units are underclocked by default. It seems they are plug and play, which makes them great for those who don’t want to deal with XMP.

  • Lifetime Warranty
    Unbelievable! At $55 for 16 GB, with all they give and they throw in a lifetime warranty! Again, every point of these DDR4 memory units screams VALUE!

What we don’t like about this RAM:

  • 3000 MHz
    Yes, these units are far superior than some really slow DDR4 RAM, some of which go as slow as 2133 MHz! But these units are a far cry from our #2 option at 3600 MHz or our #1 option at 4400 MHz. But still, for the price difference, these are really excellent units. And many older laptops won’t even be able to use the extra speed offered by our #1 and #2 options.


We believe buying XPG DDR4 desktop RAM is the #1 option for upgrading your system on the cheap. There’s no reason to buy anything that cost less. The few dollars you will save won’t be worth it.


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